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Published: 15:31 13th July, 2013
Edited: 15:37 13th July, 2013

Author: Mitch

Dog Judges is proud to announce that your profiles have been viewed over 200,000 times! Since our re-vamp in February, 2013 we have seen an incredible number of users visiting our site and to celebrate this major milestone we're announcing a new feature...

Profile photos

On your account page you can now add a photo that will be displayed on your profile. This is our most requested feature to date and so we listened to our members and have done our best to release it in time for the 200K milestone!

Profile photos are visible on the front page and on each individual profile. For lists of judges by surname or in search results you will see a camera icon next to your name after you upload a photo. It noticeably sticks out so upload one quickly!

Here's to the next 200,000!

Published: 18:09 17th April, 2013

Author: Mitch

To celebrate our Facebook page reaching 250 likes we're offering 25% off of membership costs for a limited time only.

To access these deals like our Facebook page.

  • 1 year for $9.00 AUD ($0.75 / month).
  • 2 years for $16.20 AUD ($0.675 / month).
  • 5 years for $36.00 AUD ($0.60 / month).

This offer expires on 30/06/2013 so get in fast!

Published: 17:54 1st April, 2013

Author: Mitch

On 21st February we announced our first ever giveaway.

We are happy to announce our 3 winners:

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everybody who entered.

We hope to run more giveaways and competitions in the future!

Published: 14:10 22nd March, 2013

Author: Mitch

On 21st February we announced our first ever giveaway.

We are now only 9 days away from giving away 3 membership extensions!

We have had a great response from the competition so far and we hope this trend continues so that we can run other giveaways in the future.

If you are interested visit the payments page before 1st April to go in to the drawer!

Don't miss out on your chance - good luck!

Published: 23:32 21st February, 2013

Author: Mitch


Tagged under: giveaways

We're looking to give something back to our members and that means it's... GIVEAWAY TIME.

We are excited for our first ever giveaway and we hope you are too!

If you pay for membership between 2nd February and 31st March you will automatically go into the draw to win one of 3 membership extensions!

We're going to giveaway a membership extension to three lucky members on 1st April.

Rewards will be tiered as follows:

  • Pay for a 1 year membership and you go into the draw for a 1 year membership extension.
  • Pay for a 2 year membership and you go into the draw for a 2 year membership extension.
  • Pay for a 5 year membership and you go into the draw for a 5 year membership extension.

This offer applies to existing as well as new members so if you have already purchased membership now is the perfect time to extend it for that chance to win!

Good luck!

Published: 23:05 21st February, 2013
Edited: 0:37 22nd February, 2013

Author: Mitch

We've been working really hard to improve our website over the past few weeks and we have a few new features that you may not have noticed yet...

Profile views

On your account page you can now see how many times your profile has been viewed since 9th February, 2013.


If you are having trouble with any particular aspect of the website try visiting the tutorials page. It has a guide to the common problems that we have been contacted about. If it does not resolve your problem you can always email us.

We're adding more tutorials all the time so remember to check the page often or suggest a tutorial and you may just see it added!


We're always looking to reward people that bring new judges to our website.

If you visit your account page you will see a referal link that you can give to judges that aren't a member of our website. Once they click the link and activate their account you will see your referrals awaiting membership increase.

If your refered judge becomes a member by paying for membership will see them as a refered member.

  • If you refer 3 paying members you will be given a 1 year extended membership.
  • If you refer 3 more (6 total) paying members you will be given a 1 year extended membership (2 years total).
  • If you refer 4 more (10 total) paying members you will be given 3 years extended membership (5 years total).

If you refer more than 10 paying members you will start again at 3 paying members for 1 year extended membership while keeping your existing extended membership.

Retired/deceased profiles

Do you know of any judges that have retired or passed away that are currently in our index? Let us know by visiting their profile and clicking the "REPORT PROFILE" link at the bottom of their profile.

Please note you must be logged in to report a profile.