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, Mrs Premila Bangalore,


  • FCI:

    All Breeds

Mrs. Singh got into dogs with Scottish Terrier at the age of eight. Scotties held her interest for many years. However, she parted company with this delightful breed for want of fresh bloodlines. From Scotties she took to Golden Retrievers and has been with the breed for the next twenty two years. Mrs. Singh in 1967 won Best in Show under Nawab Nazeer Yar Jung. A little later she went to East Africa and lived there for ten years. Photography, her hobby, got the better of her while she was in Kenya and resulted in a fabulous collection of wild-life movies. To get back to dogs, while in the U.K. she studied Retrievers under Harry Grover and Jimmy James, the two giants. It was there that she gained her licence to judge setters abroad. After returning to India she did her judging stipendiary's and became an All Breed Judge nearly a decade ago. She is the main force behind the Golden Retrievers in this country and to some extent Setters as well. At present she is the only member from India of the Golden Retriever Club of Great Britain.