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, Ferelith Worcs,




Follows in the footsteps of her mother and aunts, who had been showing dogs under the Oudenarde name before she was born. Mrs. Somerfield's first dog was a Dalmatian, but Cairn Terriers became her true love. She has bred or shown many Cairns with success, along with Irish Terriers, Boxers, a Dalmatian, and English Setters. In 1955, she not only judged for the first time, but she also joined DOG WORLD as a trainee sub-editor. She gradually progressed in her career and was editor for many years. Today she is chairman of the company. She began judging Cairns in 1963 and is now approved for 125 breeds in the United Kingdom. Career highlights include judging Best in Show at Crufts, 1990, BIS at the Australian Sydney Royal, Perth Royal, and Hobart Royal shows, four Cairn specialties in America, and the World Dog Show. She is particularly proud of having been elected by breed club members to judge specialties, including the Cocker Spaniel Club's Centenary Championship and the Old English Sheepdog Club's Centenary Championship in the United Kingdom. Mrs. Somerfield has authored a book on Mrs. Florence Nagle, the famed breeder of Irish Wolfhounds and Irish Setters, and has edited an encyclopedia of dogs. For many years she was the editor of the British Dog World. Affectionately known as the 'grand dame' of Cairn Terriers.