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, Ms Janiki Haifa,



  • FCI:

    All Breeds

Born in Finland to a family in which pedigree-dog owning was a tradition, Janiki started her career in the professional dog-world during her teens, in the field of obedience training. While still at school, she worked in the afternoons as a trainer for the Tampere Working Dogs Club and also, together with a friend, wrote the articles, took the photos and published the club's monthly paper. After finishing university studies, she immigrated to Israel and continued in obedience training. Together with a few other immigrants, they started modernizing the kennel activities by founding Israel's first breed clubs. The first club was the Schnauzer Club in which Janiki worked for years as treasurer. Then the Poodle Club was born and Janiki was its secretary, treasurer and breeding adviser, followed by the Collie and Sheltie Club, in which she also was the secretary and treasurer. Several additional breed clubs were founded in their footsteps. Quite soon they needed a modern kennel club and she was one of the founding members of The Israel Kennel Club which includes all the breed clubs, the local clubs and the clubs which are active in obedience, agility and rescue training of dogs. Janiki worked for years as treasurer of the IKC and as secretary of their show committee which arranges the international shows. In the 60's, Janiki took part in the first course for show judges arranged by the IKC and did her first apprenticeships in Poodles, which was one of the breeds she bred under the kennel name Carmelia. She also bred German Shepherds, Standard Schnauzers and Shelties. During the years, she added to her judging list breeds, then groups, and finally became in 1980 an all-round judge and is since then certified by the FCI to award CAC's and CACIB's in all the breeds recognized by this organization. Janiki has judged at most of the Israeli international shows, and for most of their breed clubs at their breed and group shows. She has judged at national and international shows in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark), Finland, Europe (The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, San Marino, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Russia), the Far East (India, Thailand and The Philippines), South Africa, Australia and Brazil and has been invited to most of these countries several times. In addition to judging, she also serves as vice-president of the Judges Committee of the Israel Kennel Club. Janiki is fluent in English and Hebrew.