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, Mrs Betty New South Wales,



  • ANKC:

    All Breeds

Achieved judging status in 1983 with breeds, Chihuahuas Long and Smooth, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Japanese Chins and Miniature Pinschers, Completed Toy Group end of 1984, Terriers 1988, Utility 1995, Non Sporting 1999, Working 2003, Gundogs 2004, Hounds and All Breeds in 2005. Life member of Chihuahua Club of NSW Inc.; St. George Dist Kennel Club; Manchester Terrier Club of NSW; Patroness of Junior Kennel Club of NSW and ACT; Illawarra Belgian Shepherd Club and German Pinscher Club. Secretary of Chihuahua Club of NSW and Ladies Kennel Association of NSW, Vice President of St. George Kennel Club and T & G All Breeds Kennel Club, Committee of 4 P's All Toy Dog Club of NSW, Parramatta, Campbelltown, Library and Archives, Etc. Judged 11 shows in the United States, three Shows in the UK, many times in New Zealand and in every other state in Australia except the Northern Territory. Began with Chihuahuas in late 1970s, and began showing Cavaliers in 1978, Min Pins 1978 and Japanese Chins in 1979, Australian Terriers in 1984, Schipperkes in 1986, English Toy Terriers in 1990, followed by one Shiba Inu and one Harrier. Has bred and shown over 100 Champions, exported overseas, and imported dogs as well. Currently only showing Chihuahuas both coats. Betty judged the Chihuahua National and the Chihuahua Club of Texas, USA in 2005.