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, Mrs Judy New Mexico,


  • AKC:

    Sporting, Hound, Terrier, Toy

She was raised with Boston Terrier and Boxers, her first show dog was a Basenji, she raised and showed them for number of years. Judy was always the child that collected any stray animal that was available. By the time she was four or five, she knew that she would grow up to be involved with either dogs or horses. Fortunately, that did come true. Judy was raised with Boston Terriers and Boxers. Her first "show" dog was a Basenji that happened to her by accident. She continued to raise and show them for a number of years. She was granted a handler's license by the AKC in 1966 and continued to show on a full-time basis until 1990 when she was granted the Hound Group to judge. Subsequently, she has been given the Sporting Group as well as Bostons, Cairns and Miniature Pinschers and Junior Showmanship. As a handler, Judy finished dogs of 68 different breeds with Groups or Best in Shows on 34 of those breeds. She was fortunate to show many of the top dogs in their respective breeds including the first Vizsla to go Best in Show, the #1 Bassett in the history of the breed, the #2 Cairn Terrier.