Show Dog Judges Profiles


, Mr M




Was brought up in the world of show dogs, his mother and father bred various breeds concentrating mainly on Pekinese and Standard Smooth Dachshunds. Was first introduced to the Boxer in 1953 as a schoolboy when his parents purchased one for showing. He and his wife acquired their first Boxer for showing in 1959 and have been with the breed ever since. In 1985 he purchased his first Japanese Akita bitch, followed very closely by their first Japanese Shiba Inu. Owned and bred one of the top winning Boxer bitches CH Mauraine Sweet Jolie Girl, and campaigned their Akita bitch Kiskas Teicho At Mauraine to seven Best Bitch and seven R Best Bitch at Championship Shows, one of their Japanese Shiba Inus Mauraine Waak-A-Dooh was top Shiba and breed leader in the Dog World breed leader competition in 1991. Has served on many canine societies and chaired and participated in and organised seminars. Awards CCs in Boxers, Japanese Akita, Japanese Shiba Inu. Awards Green Stars in Boxers, Rottweilers, Dobermanns, Great Danes, Japanese Shiba Inu, Great Japanese Dog, Akita Inu Has judged Working Utility, Hound, Toy, & Pastoral Groups and BIS at all levels up to Open Shows, and most Breeds at Open Show level including Varieties & BIS at the Welsh Kennel Clubs Open Show in 2000and Northern Ireland Coleraine Varieties and BIS. Judged The Maltese Kennel Club all breeds Championship Show, awarding CCs in 1993, St Petersburg Russia (White Nights) Championship Show in 1993 awarding CCs in Old English Sheepdogs Rough Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs,Barbados Boxer Clubs All Breed Championship Show 1997 awarding CCs, Southern Ireland Clonmel Awarding Green Stars in Boxers, Rottweilers, Great Danes, Dobermanns l998. Japanese Akita Association Club Open Show Bitches July 2000 . Has written various articles and reports for Our Dogs, including "The first I0 Years of the Akita in the UK" Received the honour to be the first English judge to judge the Dogue De Bordeaux in England, when invited by the Dogue De Bordeaux Club Of Great Britain. Has just awarded Green Stars in seven breeds at the first Championship show held in Northern Ireland (2004) for Bangor and North Down C,C, held under FCI regulations. Sending the Rottweiler exhibit forward to BIS.