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, Mr Alan J Christchurch,



  • NZKC:

    All Breeds

First dog as a teenager, a superbly natured GSD, who has spoiled him from ever having another one, as he believes that to compare would be unkind and any replacement would be hard to match in intelligence and devotion. He sees evidence both judging and observing people at shows, whom he believes sadly, don't LIKE dogs "as dogs"... they see them as extensions of their egos with a "Win at all costs" mentality with animals trained to be robot-like with no real relationship between handler and canine .. those few moments in the ring possibly being for the dog, the most intense contact and attention they have received all week. Has been involved with the following breeds: Pembroke Corgis, German Shepherd, Border Collie, Old English Sheepdogs (honoured to have been invited to judge this breed all around the world at specialties), Afghan Hound, Bichon Frise and Whippets - the latter over the last 10 years. Bred a NZ Grand Champion in first Whippet litter. Honoured by peers by being elected a life-member of five clubs and Patron of four . Been judging since 1976, gaining All-breeds licence in the late 80's and has fortunate enough to judge at shows all around the world, including England, Scotland, Wales, Eire, Holland, South Africa, USA, Canada, South America, India, the Philippines and in every state of Australia, and of course in New Zealand.