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, Mr Eugene L



    Ave Concorde

Eugene Yerusalimsky, is a renowned judge worldwide. He has officiated at premier shows in 34 countries embracing five continents, including several FCI, World and European title events, SICALAM, Best In Show at the World Kennel Club Congress in Dublin, the Contest of Champions Charity Supermatch in England, and the Collare d'Oro in Italy, to name but a few. Eugene first became a judge in 1967. He became an All-Soviet category judge, 1984, and FCI international all-rounder in 2000. Chairman of the RKF Judges Commission, 1992-2000. Founding President, All-Union Kennel Federation VKF, 1990-91, and Russian Kennel Federation RKF, 1991-2000. Promotion of the RKF's affiliation to the FCI brought him a Gold Badge at the European Dog Show in Poznan, Poland in 2000. The RKF awarded him its Gold Badge at its 10th establishment anniversary 2001, for outstanding contribution to Russian dog-breeding. Author of monographs on dog biomechanics and harmony, Eugene spoke on these themes at judges' seminars in the Soviet Union, Portugal, South Africa, Chile, Brazil and Germany, and a World Dog research congress in Basel Switzerland 1997. He delivered lectures on the same themes at the Odessa State University Biology Department, and taught at dog judging courses. Eugene's research was summed up for the official FCI Journal. Reprints appeared in dog research journals in 27 countries. He has also written a book on Standard Schnauzers. Author of books "Schnauzer" (1989), ""Dog Conformation and Its evaluation" (2002). Owner with his wife Elena Yerusalimskaya (Veterinarian, FCI All Rounder - see below) of the "Ave Concorde" kennel (10 breeds) over 27 years. Owner and breeder of 10 World & European Champions, 27 International Champions, more than 60 Champions. Eugene was President of the Standard Schnauzer Club under the Moscow City Society of Amateur Dog Breeders 1983-92, founding President of the All-Union, later All-Russia, Schnauzer Club 1991-96. President of the RKF National Standard Schnauzer Club from 1996, and of the RKF SchnauzerPincher Union from 1999. The founding RKF President 1991-2000, Chairman of the RKF Judges Committee 1991-2000.