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, Mr Miroslav Domžale,


Born 15 April 1941, has been active in the field of kynologie for 47 years. He has been breeding German Shepherds and Labradors and has been an established leader of the Karst Shepherds breedings. He has been training dogs of different breeds for 47 years, took part in international competitions, held courses on training dogs as well as presentations for judges and instructors for search and rescue dogs. Besides that, he has also given presentations on training dogs for aiding the handicapped and trained a few dogs for the blind. Miroslav Zidar has interests in German Shepherds, Dalmatians, Schnauzers, Labradors and Kraski. He was also a President of the Expertise Board, Managing Board, Board of judges, Board of examiners, Board of educations for years and Secretary to the Kennel Club of Slovenia (1991-2000), the manager of the Pedigree Book for all known breeds and the founder of the breeding examinations as well as the planned breeding establishment in Slovenia. He is known as the author of several books on dogs: Manual for Training Utility Dogs (1967), "O psih" (About Dogs) - seven editions (1971-1991), "O kraševcu" (About Karst Shepherd) - 1990 and the author of the Methodology of Giving Courses on Dog Training and he set theoretic grounds for training dogs in Slovenia. Additionally, he contributed to the translation of literature on kynologie. He was appointed the function of the International kynological judge for exterior and trail for utility dogs and Lavinian dogs in year 1963. He has been an all-round judge since 1994 and he has held the function of judging sniffer dogs since 1989. He took on the role of the Agility judge in 1992 and Obedience judge and Junior handling in year 1998. He is Editor-in-Chief of the "Kinolog" Magazine a Slovenian Kennel Club for years. He used to be member of the Committee for utility dogs FCI (1974-1979), presently he is a member of the Obedience Committee. In former Yugoslavia, he used to be a member of the Expertise Committee of the Yugoslav Kennel Club and its Board of indigenous breeds Commission. He is predominantly known as a Slovenian representative at the FCI - Assembly.