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, Mr Zoran Belgrade,


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    All Breeds

When Zoran was born in 1957, his family already had a dog. It was a 6 months old German Shepherd male imported from Germany. Since that moment his life has been inseparable from dogs. As a teenager he started breeding German Shepherds, and then later bred Dobermann's. At different times a Belgian Shepherd, Middle Asian Sheepdogs, a Pharaoh Hound, a Pug and even a mongrel lived in his house. For last several years Zoran and his wife Anna (see above) have had Labradors. All the dogs Zoran ever had were on top of the world show scene achieving significant results. But over the last several he had to reduce his show and breeding activities due to business and judging duties. Zoran is an electronic engineer and a professional journalist as well. He was a chief editor of "The Dog's Life" magazine for a long time and now works as a chief editor of a cynological section in "The Pet Planet" magazine about animals. He's an International judge for all breeds, also a working trial judge for Agility, IPO, SchH, Obedience and Hunting dogs. He's fortunate enough to have judged on all the continents many times and almost in all European countries. Each year he has about 30 - 40 shows both all-breed and specialties.