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, Ms Pamela Ontario,



    Afghans of Grandeur, Accolade Airedale Terriers

Pamela is a fourth generation 'dog person'. She has handled and appreciates all breeds. Her expertise- coated breeds ~ conditioning and presenting numerous Top Hounds, Terriers, as well as Toy breeds - Pekingese, and all varieties of Poodles. She has also bred and exhibited top winning Weimaraners.

For over thirty five years Pam specialized in the breed she is best known for ~ co piloting numerous top dogs under the Afghans of 'Grandeur' prefix with her mentor Michael Canalizo.
Pam has bred Airedale Terriers under the 'Accolade' prefix for the past 15 years .
She is an investigator with the Toronto Police Service ~ specializing in DNA 'cold cases ' Dangerous Offenders, Sexual Assault /Child Abuse investigations. She is an avid basketball fan.
Pam is an all breed judge, and has traveled the world. She lectures, and is responsible for Canadian Judges' education. Canadian Profile ~ CKC Judges # 5111 C.D.J.A ~

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