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, Mrs Shirley J Hawkes Bay,



  • NZKC:

    All Breeds

Shirley first registered her kennel (Burnley) way back in 1961 and bred and exhibited Labrador Retrievers with some success, making up many Champions. In the 70's she added Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and English Setters, and bred and exhibited these breeds as well as the Labradors for about 15 years quite successfully. She now concentrates on the Labradors and is still active in the Show ring and breeds regularly. She has also exhibited but not owned Cocker Spaniels, St. Bernard's, Schipperkes and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Club administration has always interested her, and she has held every position possible in several Clubs. She has been a Show Secretary continuously since 1968 and at present she is President of a Gundog Club and an All Breeds Club. She has also been involved with the Judges training scheme in Hawkes Bay. Shirley started judging at Ribbon Parade level in 1977, was promoted to the Gundog Championship Panel in 1982. then the Toy Panel in 1983 and became an All Breeds Judge in 1998. She has judged regularly throughout New Zealand, has made many trips to Australia and judged in all States, and has judged in the Philippines and Korea. Over the years she has met many wonderful people and many wonderful dogs, and enjoys the dog scene immensely. She is one of the selected judges for the Supreme Show Dog and Puppy Contest 2005 in New Zealand.