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, Mr Wayne M New South Wales,



  • ANKC:

    All Breeds

Wayne Burton's induction into the dog world was in 1968 when he was introduced to the Afghan Hound, which he bred and exhibited with some success under the ISHRAHM prefix, making up seven champions and in 1972 having the number one ranked Afghan Hound in NSW. He has owned, bred and exhibited successfully Afghans, Shih Tzu, Scottish Terriers, Whippets, Salukis and Poodles (three varieties), but primarily Standards. As a handler he has also been involved with the Bichon Frise, Basset Hounds and Griffon Bruxellois. Wayne commenced judging in 1978 with Hounds and attained All Breeds status in 1991. He has judged extensively throughout Australia at Breed Specialties and All Breeds shows. Internationally he has judged in the USA, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland. He is Past President of The Afghan Hound Club, The Whippet Club and is currently Secretary of the Sighthound Association and Dalwood All Breed Dog Show committee. Wayne has also assisted the RNSWCC over many years holding positions of Group Coordinator and Judging Assessor for the Judges' Training Scheme and is currently on the Constitutional Review Committee. Wayne is a self employed Logistics Consultant.