Show Dog Judges Profiles


, Annette Gistrup,



  • FCI:

    Spitz and Primitive types, Companion and Toy Dogs, Sighthounds

Annette has spent most of her life been surrounded by dogs. In her childhood it was with Poodles and Pekingese. In the early 80's, she received her first dog, a Great Dane. A stunning black bitch. Then came a litter puppies and a few more Danes and now she was seriously hooked. She took up agility (which was quite unknown in Denmark at the time) and with her Great Dane bitch and was No. 6 in a Denmark competition. Over the years, Greyhounds and Pharaoh's came into her life. Today she has Pharaoh's which she exhibits and also takes them each day to the nearby forest. She breed under the kennel name Nofretete, but only modestly. Mostly, she concentrates on the importance of a healthy, well balanced overall dog and with good temperament when she judges. She has judged in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, Italy and Germany. Fluent in English, German, Norwegian and Swedish.