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, Mrs Mavis Perth,



    Pug Hill

Mavis gained her All Breeds licence in 1990, and has judged in all States of Australia at Group and Best in Show level. She has judged overseas in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines (several times), South Africa, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, United States of America and New Zealand. When judging in the USA Mavis was the Best In Show judge and had the honour of judging the top dog in the USA, a Kerry Blue Terrier: "Ch. TORUMS SCARF MICHAEL" and awarded him Best in Show, one more to add to the huge number of Best in Shows he has won. Her breed is Pugs and she's imported 9 Pugs into Perth, W.A. from England. She has had this breed for approximately 35 years, and although not a big breeder she has bred and made up many Champions. She has judged Pug Speciality shows in various states of Australia, The Philippines and three times in the USA. Her family have been involved with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Dachshunds. Mavis lived in Singapore and Hong Kong for 25+ years and during her stay in Singapore she imported 3 Boxers from the UK and used to show these at the Singapore Kennel Club. Since moving to Perth in Western Australia she has also imported a Bullmastiff from England and showed her to her title.