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, Mrs N P Nilgiris,


Mrs. Cooper has been connected with animals all her life. She has been working for the South of India Kennel Club since 1951 in various capacities. Basically she is a Great Dane person. She has bred, exhibited Harlequin Great Danes. So great is her love for the Great Danes that she went all the way to England to train herself under a famous Great Dane Kennel there. She also owned and exhibited Miniature Bull Terriers. After the demise of Mr. Lawrence she took over his Labradors. She has worked on the Great Dane of India Club, the Working Dog and the Kennel Club of India Committee. She has been judging since 1975 and has judged in most clubs in India and countries abroad. She is also an obedience judge who has been judging many obedience trials in India.