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, Mr Fernando


  • FCI:

    All Breeds

Born in Recife, State of Pernambuco, Brazil. Graduate of Business Administration. Qualified as an All Round judge by the Brazilian Kennel Club and F.C.I., and has been judging since 1970. Has bred Boxers, Miniature Pinschers, Pointers and German Shepherd Dogs and was one of the founders of the Society of German Shepherd Dogs of the State of Pernambuco in 1967. He also bred Brazilian Fila. Has owned a Labrador, Dachshund, Pug, Basset Hound, Whippet. Was a member and director of a number of Councils of Kennel Clubs in Brazil, and at the present moment is the vice president of the Judges Federal Council of the Brazilian Kennel Club. Has participated in courses and in the examination and selection of new judges. He is qualified by the Boxer Club of Brazil as a specialist judge for the Boxer breed (1980). Has judged at several All Breeds Shows in all states of Brazil, including Specialised Club Shows. Has participated in the World Dog Show FCI, and several International Shows in South America, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Portugal, South Africa and Australia (Royal Melbourne Show 19911999).