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, Mr Robert (bob) L T Manila,



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An Australian, Robert has worked in the Asia and the Pacific region for over 28 years. He is currently a senior executive with the Asian Development Bank, a multilateral finance institution, of which Australia is a member. In dogs he has concentrated on Pugs, Boston Terriers, Miniature Dachshund, Basenji, and Bulldogs, breeding and campaigning many to their Philippine Grand Champions and Champions. He has also made-up AKC Champions in pugs. He is active in the show ring and has won a number of Best in Shows with his dogs. His kennel prefix is "Kawana". Mr. Dawson is a former Director on the Board of the Philippine Canine Club, the parent canine body in the Philippines. For many years he was the Chair of the Affiliated Clubs Committee and the Judges' Committee, and was actively involved in the creation of breed and group clubs. He was a founding member of the Pug Club of the Philippines and the Boston Terrier Club of the Philippines, and is now the Advisor to both clubs. He is President of the Hound Group Club of the Philippines. Mr Dawson judges all-breeds under the Philippine Canine Club Inc., list of breeds. He has judged in all-breed and specialty shows in Australia, Finland, New Zealand, India, Japan, Thailand, Switzerland, Latvia, Indonesia, Russia, Germany (Bundessieger Dortmouth), England, Singapore, Ireland, Malaysia, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa and the United States, as well as in all of the major centers in the Philippines. He has critiqued in most FCI countries. He has judged Best in Show in most of these countries. Some of the specialties judged include Pugs (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA, Philippines); Boston Terrier (Australia and Philippines) Australian Shepherd (Finland and Philippines); Chow Chow (USA and Canada); Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Canada), Doberman Pinscher (New Zealand and Philippines) and French Bulldog (Japan). He has been active in judges' training schemes and has given seminars in a number of breeds.