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, Mr Erwin Judendorf,


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Erwin is a breeder of Dachshunds of all sizes and hair varieties and Zwergschnauzer-Black-Black and Silver and Pepper and Salt, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Shelties. He is 20 Years President of the Steirischen Hundesport klub, 2 Years President of Windhundeclub, 10 Years Chairman of Dachshundeklub, 5 Years for Schnauzer - Pinscher Club and 2 Years President of Dalmatiner Club. He was for 2 Years Vice- President for Doberman Club, 7 Years General Secretary, 2 Years Show-Master, 5 Years -Judge -Adviser and 1 Years - Vice-President of the Austrian Kennel club. At this time Advisor of the Austrian Kennel club. He is all-rounder judge and he has been judging for 20 years, and judges many shows in Austria and foreign countries.