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, Mrs Julie New South Wales,



    Lorroy, Treschic
  • ANKC:

    All Breeds

As a 12 years old child, Julie started showing English Cocker Spaniels with a deal of success, as part of the family entity, they also showed and bred Pekingese and Australian Terriers. She branched into Gordon Setters in 1965, and maintained these two Gundog breeds until the early 1980's when she became interested in Papillons and Chinese Crested Dogs. Her best known dogs were probably the Papillon, Aust. Grand. CH. Treschic Le Sarabande who was a multi All Breeds Best in Show, Royal Challenge winner, Specialty winner; and her Chinese Crested UK imported male, Aust. CH. Moonswift Starship Trooper. In 1983 Julie and her late husband acquired their first registered Kelpie, and has kept up her involvement with this breed, along with a partner in dogs and is rather proud of their CC bitch at Melbourne Royal in 2005 and 2006 and their young Kelpie male, winner of two Specialties, an All Breeds B.I.S. recently, and BOB Melbourne Royal 2008. Julie has strong belief that one cannot judge dogs properly without some personal involvement in the Groups, so over the years as well as the above, she has prepared and shown Curly Coated Retrievers, Irish Setters, Dobermanns and Miniature Poodles, as well as Dachshunds, Border Collies, Greyhounds and Scottish Terriers. She is currently a member of the Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain, the U.K. Papillon Club and the British Gordon Setter Club; as well as their Australian counterparts. Julie has judged in all states of Australia and New Zealand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, and extensively in the U.K. She has been licensed to judge All Breeds since 1987 and actively participated in many Judges Training Programs as both lecturer and practical examiner. She has written and delivered many lectures in Gordon Setters, Chinese Crested Dogs and Papillons with the support of their Breed Clubs. She retired after six years as a serving Director of the Royal NSW Canine Council in late 2005. Her other hobby is breeding and racing Thoroughbred horses and this has been a lot of fun over the years. Full resume here .