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, Cheryl Myers New Brunswick,




Raised on a dairy cattle farm, Cheryl's family bred Holstein cattle. Father first dairy farmer in their province to produce cattle by Artificial Insemination. Cheryl's father trained quarter horses while stationed in Western Canada during the war years and upon his return began cattle breeding. She was always very much a part of this with keen interest. They had both herding and working dogs, as well as cattle and horses. Cheryl has had Basenjis since 1967 and Scottish Deerhounds since 1988. She has exhibited in Canada and USA and owner-handler the first BIS Basenji in Canada in 15 years. Breeder of top ranking Basenjis since 1968. Winner of Basenji Club of America National Specialty, Baltimore, MD 1989. Top ranking Canadian Dogs in the 60's, 70's and 80's. She has had approximately 50 basenjis and has owned and co-owned both Canadian and American Champions numbering a total of 15. She belongs to the Basenji Club of America, Basenji Breeders Club of Northern England, and Basenji Club of America; a life member of the Canadian Kennel Club and has played a very active role in the dog world. First licensed to judge in 1984 and approved to judge all breeds in Canada in 1991, and has been invited to judge in Australia, Perth and Sydney, and throughout Canada, USA, South America, Mexico, and was approved to judge the Basenji Championship specialty in England. In 1999 Cheryl was elected to the Canadian Kennel Club Board of Directors. She served as Chair of Legislation Committee, and Chair of Lure Coursing and Beagle Councils. She also served as a working member on the Events Officiating Committee for Judges Education and did several presentations for Advanced Judges Conferences. Cheryl was instrumental in re-organizing the Basenji Club of Canada, which now has a strong membership and holds national specialties every year throughout Canada. She is an active member of the Atlantic Regional Conformation Judges Groups which consists of judges in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.