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, Mr Federico Santo Domingo,



    Afijo Montmar

Insurance broker, vice-president of AON Rell, one of the leading companies in its market in Dominican Republic. Initiated his path in Dog shows in the mid 60s. During his stay in this sport he has been a handler and breeder of innumerable dogs in each of the different breeds he�s been involved with. He has bred multiple champions who have been shown all over America by him, including the United States. Has been a member of the Federaci�n Canina Dominicana, as well as President of the Club Dominicano de Can�filos. Now a days, he is the Secretary for the Club de Criadores del Yorkshire Terrier, Vice?president of Club del Boxer de la Rep�blica Dominicana and President of the Club Dominicano de Can�filos. He has been a judge in international shows in Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and others. Along with his wife, Montserrat, and children, they carry the kennel name Montmar where they have Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Miniature Pinschers, Pugs, Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas in both. varieties, Doberman, and Whippet . Most breeds they have had for 20 years. Loves golf as long as it doesn�t interfere with a dog show. Judge. since 1992