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, Mrs Olivia Aguilar De


  • FCI:

    All Breeds

Olivia is a graduate of Law and Business and currently works in her own business in International export to the USA and Europe. She was granted All Breeds judging status in 1992 and has judged in Ecuador, Brazil, Canada and the United States as well as in her native Mexico. Involved in breeding pedigreed dogs, since 1976, Olivia has bred, in conjunction with her husband, Afghan Hounds, English Setters, Rottweiler's, German Shepherd Dogs, Whippets, Dobermann, Boxers, Shiba Inu, German Shorthaired Pointers and Belgian Malinois Shepherds. Mr & Mrs Arozamena owned Best Dog of the Year in 1980 and 1981 as well as Best Mexican Bred Dog of the Year, in 1981. Most of the show dogs owned by them have attained the Mexican Champion title as well as International Championship titles. Many have been awarded American Championships and some have attained World Champion status. Judged in South Australia in 2006.