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, Senor Angel Granada,


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Angel started out with assisting in the foundation of the Canine Society of Eastern Andalusia, of which he was Secretary, both first years from its foundation. Later he held the position of President during a year and other positions of the Board of directors. His first breed was the Black Schnauzer Miniature, when it was practically a unknown dog and it was really difficult to find exemplary in his country. His dog "Sandy Zip Zap of the Terrona", won the MILLRACE of Monographic Of The Year, celebrated in Parquelagos, finishing the necessary points for the Championship of Spain. Later he raised Airedale Terriers over the years with reproducers of the main English bloodlines. He did breed a couple of litters of Shepherd Alemán and Cavalier King Charles. Until now Angel has judged fifty national and international exhibitions and has been invited to judge in Portugal, Norway, France, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Australia, Poland, and numerous times to Finland, where he had the honor to be invited to judge the Annual Finery Champion of Champions of Year in 1996, most upper the canine event of that country. For years 2000 and 2001 he had appointments to judge in Australia, Poland and Holland and Denmark. Fluent in English, Spanish and French.