Show Dog Judges Profiles


, Ms Carol Alberta,




Carol started her career in dogs with the purchase of a Miniature Poodle in 1964, which she showed and bred. In 1968 she moved into the breed of Schipperkes and went on to breed and show many of the top winning Schips under the prefix of Crystalton, which was permanently registered in 1976. Carol also owned a couple of multi BIS winning Keeshonds in the 70's. After travelling a few years with a professional handler she struck out on her own to become one of Canada's most well known professional all breed handlers, travelling full time in Canada, US, Mexico, and Bermuda. For over twenty-five years she was seen with some of Canada's top winning dogs especially known for her achievements with Afghans, who were on several occasions #1 Hound in Canada and one of the top winning of all breeds, and Standard Poodles. Also seen with multi Best In Show winning Samoyeds, Pomeranians, Toy Poodles, Alaska Malamutes, Giant Schnauzers, Whippets, Shelties, Bullmastiffs, Papillons, Keeshonds, and many more. After retiring from handling in 1996 she has continued to breed and show Standard Poodles and Pomeranians. Many which have been top winners, and multiple Best In Show achievers. Pursuing a judging career in 1997 she is now licensed to judge Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and Best In Show, and is currently on permit for all of the last group being Group 7. Carol has been judging extensively in Canada, and the US, including 2 Poodle Specialties, and just recently judged in Japan.