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, Mrs Jean East Yorkshire,




Jean and her husband started in Cavaliers 34 years ago. Since then they have owned, shown & bred LC & SC Chihuahua's, Bichon Frise, & Papillons. The two breeds she owns & shows currently are Japanese Chin's & the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She has all four colours in the Cavaliers & black & whites in the Chins. Jean has been judging for 30 years & awarding challenge certificates for 18 years. She judges Cavaliers, Papillon's & Bichon Frise at championship level in the U.K. Over the years she has judged all of the Toys in the Toy Group many times. Also judged many Best in Shows. She has judged the Swedish Cavalier Club Championship Show, where she got a lovely entry of beautiful dogs. She has also judged Cavaliers & Papillon's in the U.S.A for the Sawnee Mountain KC of American and also the Championship Show for the Cavaliers of the South in PA. She has judged Cavaliers, Papillon's & King Charles Spaniels in Southern Ireland. Several Granasil champion's are in the U.S.A. Malta, Iceland, Switzerland & Japan. Jean and her husband formed the Humberside Cavalier Club 18 years ago & she was their first secretary, getting the club up to championship show level. She is now the Patron & a life member. She is also the secretary of her local canine club.