Show Dog Judges Profiles


, Mr Percival Rodger Germiston,


Been involved in the dog sport since 1964 and has bred and exhibited Pekingese, Keeshond and Shih Tzu and has championed dogs in those breeds. Also owned Great Danes and Yorkshire Terriers but never exhibited them. At present has Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terriers. Has been a Committee Member of Goldfields Kennel Club, the largest All Breed Club in Africa for the past forty years, having served as Vice Chairman for fourteen years and Chairman since September 1996. Served on The Federal Council of The Kennel Union of Southern Africa, and is still active on The Provincial Council (Sub Committee of Kennel Union) and has been for the past thirty two years, was Chairman of The Specialist Clubs Sub Committee for eight of the fifteen years he served on that Committee. Started judging in 1971 and is an All Round Judge, has judged at all the major centres in South Africa. Has judged in Australia on five occasions, three occasions in New Zealand and Brazil, four times in India, also in also judged in Tasmania, Zambia, Peru, Namibia, Norway, Thailand, Canada and several times in Zimbabwe and has been to Israel to observe working dogs for a competition hosted by Goldfields Kennel Club at their championship show held in August annually.