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, Mrs Sylvia



    Albion Land
  • FCI:


Sylvia started off showing Wire Fox Terriers and Scottish Terriers. She was an active member of the "Club Argentino del Terrier" and founder of the Fox Terrier Club of Argentina. She is at present National Breed Director for the Club. Began judging in 1982 and has become a Terrier , Non Sporting and Toy Group Judge . (FCI groups 3 and 9). She has judged all through South America, and Europe and has had the honour of judging the Fox Terrier Breed at Argentina's World Show in 1993. Written several articles in Dog magazines and has held conferences on "Breeding". She also took part as examiner for New Judges for the Shih Tzu Club. Sylvia's husband, Angel 'Tot' di Pace is an All-Breeds judge and enjoys breeding and showing their Fox Terriers with Sylvia.