Show Dog Judges Profiles


, Mr Bob Cheshire,




Bob first came into the world of Dalmatians in 1965 and his second litter in 1969 produced Ch. Sceptre Snoopy, the first of many home bred champions and who still to this day holds the record in the Pedigree Veteran Stakes winning through to the final the most consecutive times, with his son and daughter joining him in the 1982 final. In particular 1982 saw the birth of Disney, (Ch. Disneytime at Spotarton) who was the top bitch in the breed in 1984 who was followed shortly after by Ch. Spotarton Spring Into Line a reserve group winner. The Spotarton kennel emphasized sound breed temperament and excellent movement . Tibetan Terriers became his second Breed in the 1980's and several homebred Champions were produced, one of whom was a group winner. Bob's judging career started in 1974, awarding Challenge Certificates for the first time in 1979, since which time he has awarded C.Cs in the breed on 21 occasions . Within a very short time in judging he was asked to judge other breeds and quickly became an all rounder, currently awarding C.Cs in 27 breeds in the Utility, Working and Pastoral breeds and is approved to judge the Utility Group, Working Group and B.I.S. by the U.K. Kennel Club . One of the Highlights in his judging career was judging Dalmatians at Crufts in 2002 and subsequently judging the Utility Group at Crufts in 2005. Bob is the Chairman of Manchester Dog Show Society, one of the top four Championship Shows in the U.K. having been on the committee in a variety of roles since 1978. He is a K.C. assessor for Utility Group for the Judges Development Programme, and is the Coordinator for the Pastoral Group JDP. and a K.C. lecturer both on Conformation and Movement, and a Hands on Assessor. Something for the records..... Bob has judged over 1100 classes, 57000 dogs and awarded B.I.S. on over 170 occasions. By October 2007 he had judged in all five Continents and had the pleasure of judging Dalmatians at the first International in Dalmatia at the end of the Croatian Bosnian war. He has judged the breed at club shows in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Russia, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Norway plus at International Shows in South Africa, Finland, Ireland and in October 2007 America.