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, Mrs Narelle New South Wales,



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Narelle Hammond-Robertson commenced her dog showing career in 1965 when at the age of seven started exhibiting her grandfather's German Shepherd Dogs and her parent's Welsh Corgi (Pembroke). In 1979, she embarked on her own career with the magnificent and unique Australian Cattle Dog. Under the Kombinalong prefix, Narelle is one of the leading ACD kennels worldwide having bred and exhibited in excess of 80 Australian and International champions. As well as her beloved Australian Cattle Dogs, Narelle campaigns Dobermann's for husband Ken Hammond. Commencing her judging career in 1988 with her single breed licence Narelle completed all the groups to become an All Breeds in 2003. An accomplished author Narelle has written two books on the Australian Cattle Dog, one book on the Dobermann and is currently working on a third book on her breed. To date Narelle has judged in all states of Australia, New Caledonia , United States of America including Alaska and Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Ireland, Finland,India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, China and United Kingdom.

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