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, Kathleen Te Kauwhata,



  • NZKC:

    All Breeds

Kathleen has been judging since 1982. She passed her last examination and became an All Breeds Judge in 2007. She has been breeding Dachshunds for 37 years - Standard Smooth, Miniature Smooth and Miniature Wire. She has also exhibited at Labradors, Basenjis, German Shepherd & English Cocker Spaniels. Kathleen has judged many times in Canada (All Breeds and General Specials), USA (All Breeds, General Specials, Dachshund Specialty), England (Dachshund Specialty), Finland (Hounds & Gundogs), Sweden (Hounds & Gundogs), Denmark (Toy & Companion Dog Specialty), South Africa (All Breeds & General Specials), Australia (All Breeds & Specialty) and New Zealand (All Breeds). She loves to judge all dogs (especially Toy dogs), and her main expertise is Hounds, Gundogs and Herding Dogs.