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, Mrs Peggy E M Lancs,




Peggy has judged since 1972, and is passed by the UK Kennel Club to award CCs in Rough Collies, Smooth Collies, Border Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs, Lancashire Heelers, and Dalmatians. Also passed for the Pastoral Group & the Sub Group for Rough & Smooth Collies. Peggy is an accredited assessor for the UK Kennel Club in respect of candidates to judge the Rough Collie and the Lancashire Heeler. She has judged overseas under the FCI jurisdiction in Finland, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, The Netherlands (many times), plus the Kennel Club of Jersey & Guernsey, South Africa, Australia, and in New Zealand she judged Dalmatians and the full Working Group. She is passed by the Irish Kennel Club to award Green Stars in all above breeds plus the Corgis (Pembroke & Cardigan), Old English Sheepdogs, plus the Dalmatian. Peggy is the Vice Chairperson of the Lancashire & Cheshire Collie Club and the Chief Steward of the Blackpool Champion Ship Show that is a major event in the UK, attracting over 10,000 dogs over three days, and is a full member of the UK Kennel Club.