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, Mr Dave L Auckland,



  • NZKC:


Dave has been breeding, showing and judging for approximately 30 years. The breeds that he and his wife have had are Chihuahuas, Japanese Chins, Lhasa Apsos, an Akita and his main breed, at this time, is Bull Terriers, both varieties. Terriers are his passion, although he enjoys judging all breeds of dogs. Dave has been judging all Terriers, at Championship level for approximately 17 years. He has judged in New Zealand. Australia, and Singapore. At the present time he is President of the North Shore Kennel Association, Vice Chairman of The Terrier Club, and has served as a member of the NZKC executive council for two years. He is a Life-Member of North Shore Kennel Association and The Asian Breeds Club. His wife Fran has her licence to judge the Toy Group.