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, Dr Andi Sp OG Jakarta Pusat,




Andi was born on 22 September 1953 in Pangkal Pinang (Indonesia). In 1978, he graduated from the medical school of University of Indonesia and obtained his training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in England. He is a member of The Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist - England, and is a consultant in Jakarta specializing in infertility. Since childhood Andi has always had dogs at home and started to get involved more seriously when he was 17 years old. He had his first Dobermann in 1978, a brown female "Cynthia von Royalfarm" (a daughter of AM. CH. Royalton Dash Of Royalty). She was his first show Dobermann. With some Dobermann friends and enthusiasts in 1978, he founded the Indonesian Dobermann Club (KDI - Klub Dobermann Indonesia). In early 1980, he imported a young brown male from USA, Moonbeam Showboat, who became the No. 1 Dobermann in Indonesia. He also became Indonesian, American, and Canadian champion (he was featured in Jan Irven's book on Dobermann). Then he imported a black female, AM. CH. Zeitlin Bedazzled von Kerry. These two dogs became the foundation of the Harmonic's Dobermann. In 1983, he got to know Mrs., Sonya von Franquemont of the famous Franckenhorst Dobermann in Holland. He learned a lot from her on how to keep, train, show and breed Dobermann. Since then he has imported several Dobermann such as Clyde von Franckenhorst (son of Pompie Dutch Dictator who is a brother of CH. Pompie Dutch Leiveling), Dunya von Franckenhorst who became the new foundation bitch of the famous von Neerlandstamm in Holland. Later Andi imported dogs from the von Nordenstamm bloodlines, Lester and Attila von Piratenburg who became Indonesian champions. He also imported a brown female, Findjan Freya from the famous Findjan Dobermann from England. The Harmonic's Dobermann are the result of combination of American, Franckenhorst, Nordenstamm bloodlines. These are the names that began today's Harmonic's Dobermann. These dogs had given them many Indonesian Champions such as Harmonic's Ilka (featured in European Dobermann book). To date they have produced 24 Indonesian Champion, 1 Indian Champion, and 1 Singaporean Champion. INA.CH. Harmonic's Glory Jodie was ranked no. 3 Dobermann for two years and she produced 4 Indonesian Champions. She is foundation bitch of their recent Harmonic's Dobermann. Her daughter also produced several Indonesian Champions and 1 Singaporean Champion. Recently Andi imported a black male, Bilbao Dente Del Gigante, who became Indonesian Champion and top male Dobermann in 2005. He has produced 3 Indonesian Champions and 1 Singaporean Champion. Harmonic's kennel has been chosen as Best Breeder at the National Dobermann Club of Indonesia Specialty Show for 4 consecutive years (2004-2007). Andi has exported Dobermann to Singapore, India, Thailand, and Europe. He was appointed to judge Dobermann by All Indonesian Kennel Club, Asian Kennel Union & FCI in 1993, and recently the Dobermann Club Breed Council has passed him to judge Dobermann in England. Andi became an All Indonesian Kennel Club All Breed judge in 2009. and has judged Dobermann in Indonesia and Asia, and also twice in Europe, in the prestigious Euro Dog Show in Belgium. He has also judged Dobermann in England for the All Breed Open Show and The Dobermann Classic Show 2008. As an All Breed judge he has judged in Indonesia and Thailand.