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, Mr K W Queensland,



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Ken began showing dogs in Sydney in 1956, his first breed being British bulldogs, and his first litter producing a white dog which he showed through to his title. Several years later he obtained a Great Dane, a blue mature dog imported from England. Then came Miniature Schnauzers which he bred and showed until relocating to Brisbane in 1976. He purchased his first Border Terrier and established his Foxfoe prefix which continues today. Ken has been lucky enough to have had three BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW with Borders he has owned. During this time he also obtained an Italian Greyhound which he showed with great success, going on to breed a Best In Show winning bitch. For twelve years he also bred red Australian Terriers but with the introduction of a ban on tail docking he refused to have long-tailed Aussies in his yard and gave up breeding them. Since gaining his all breeds judging licence, Ken has judged in all states of Australia, in New Zealand and Thailand, including Specialty shows throughout Australia: Old English sheepdog ,Great Dane, British Bulldog , Hound Club, Lowchen, Border Terrier, Toy & Terrier, Jack Russell, Fox Terriers, Toy Dog Club of North Queensland , Toy Dog Club Canberra, Australian Silky, and the Combined Canterbury Terrier Club of New Zealand. Ken is also a senior Earth Dog judge having been involved with introducing the sport to Australia. He has judged Earth Dog Trials in four states in Australia and conducted seminars in both New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia on Earth dog and assisted in setting up clubs to conduct Earth Dog trials in those states. Ken's activities with dog clubs in Australia include, foundation secretary of the Sporting Terrier Club of Queensland, (past chairman of Earth Dog committee), foundation member, life member and president of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Queensland, President of the Australian Terrier Club of Queensland, Past President of the Burnett All Breeds Kennel Club and past president of the Waterloo Bay All Breeds Kennel Club. In 2007 he was appointed judges training coordinator for the Burnett region of Queensland..