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, Mrs Helen Susan Western Cape,



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Born in Zambia in 1957, Sue grew up with Staffies, some of the first to be 'shown' in Africa. Showed Staffies for 10 years, as well as Pomeranians and Toy Poodles before changing over to Airedales which she has shown for 25years, co-owned and showed Bull Terriers for 10 years and now has Miniature Poodles as well. All under the KIRSUDA affex. Has shown Labradors for 12 years in partnership, as well as GSD's for 5 years. Taught Obedience for 12 years, Honorary Member and Committee member of the SPCA (Zimbabwe) until 2002, ran her own Terrier Rescue for 15 years, and has always been on Dog Club Committees over the past 33 years from Chairlady to general. Sue started judging Terriers in the '80 in Zimbabwe, before adding the rest of the Groups.Qualified as an All Breeds Judge in South Africa in 2010. Has been Judging for over 20 years and has judged in Zimbabwe, Zambia ,South Africa, Nambia, India, Australia , New Zealand,the Philippines ,Thailand and China .Professionally, Sue is a successful fine artist. Has Airedales, Min Poodles, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and Spinone Italiano.

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