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Aase Jakobsen is one of three owners of a small company, which market subscriptions and ads for newspapers and magazines in Norway. Brought up with English Setter, but when the time came for owning a dog, she choose an English Cocker Spaniel. In 1979 the first Dalmatian arrived, Liberline's California Clipper. The first Dalmatian litter was born in 1982, and during the years, more than 40 champions have been born at kennel Toots. Dogs have been exported to all the Nordic countries and to Israel, US, Estonia and New Zealand. Breeder of the most winning Dalmatian in Norway for several years. Received the Norwegian Kennel Club's prize of honor for breeding in 2007. The family also owned a whippet born in 1999. Since 1992 a judge for Dalmatians. Later authorized for Dobermans, Rottweilers, Great Danes, Boxers,Bullmastiff, Schnauzer, Pinchers, Danish/Swedish farm dog, Norwegian Lundehund and spaniels. Also authorized for the hole groupe 6 and 7. She speaks fluently English and has judged in US, New Zealand, Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. President of the local all breed dog club since 1989. Because I only judge group 6 and 7 in FCI, and all the breeds above, the listing under my name is nok correct.

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