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, Mr Gerard Heelweg,



    El Harakat
  • FCI:


Gerard has been in dogs all his life and since 1976 he's had Afghan Hounds. From about 1985 he started to show dogs and made up many (International) championships in different Countries especially in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In 1992 he began his study for judging Afghan Hounds. Ten years later, in 2006 he became a judge for all Sight hounds from FCI-Group 10 and in 2007 he became a Judge for different dogs from FCI-Group 5. He has judged all over the world. Since 1994 Gerard and his wife Sabine have bred Afghans under the kennel name "El Harakat". They have had 7 litters and puppies from "El Harakat" are all over the world like France, USA, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark etc. Since 1991 Gerard has been President of the Dutch Sighthoundsclub NVOW; since 2003 Board Member of the Dutch Kennel Club "Raad van Beheer"; since 2003 member of the FCI Show Committee; since 2004 President of the Dutch Kennel Club "Raad van Beheer".