Show Dog Judges Profiles


, Hiroshi


Hiroshi Kamisato, of Kanagawa, Japan, began breeding Cocker Spaniels as an 18-year-old veterinary student in 1962. He bred and exhibited several champions, including the BIS winner at the FCI Asian Section Show, and achieved Japan Kennel Club champion titles with Cockers bred in seven different colours. He went on to breed and show Great Danes, Scottish Terriers, Maltese, and Italian Greyhounds, and is now breeding Japanese Chin. He was recipient of the1986 Japan Kennel Club Top Breeder award and was honoured with the award a second time in 1999, at celebrations marking the JKC's 50th anniversary. Mr. Kamisato is an FCI and JKC all-breed judge. Career highlights include FCI International Dog Shows throughout Japan, four FCI World Shows, three Royal Melbourne shows, and major assignments in 26 countries. He served as JKC secretary-general and executive director for 19 years. He was an executive committee member of FCIs Asian section and helped arrange for the Thai Ridgeback Dog, Korean Zindo Dog, and Taiwan Dog to achieve official FCI recognition. He says, "Being able to assist in the training of younger generations of judges for both the JKC and the Asian Kennel Union was a great honour and one of the most memorable moments of my lifetime." Mr. Kamisatos plans for the future include more overseas judging, writing books about breeding and Asian breeds, and continuing his Japanese Chin breeding program.