Show Dog Judges Profiles


, Mrs Vija Riga,


  • FCI:

    Dachshunds, Spitz and Primitive types, Companion and Toy Dogs, Sighthounds

Vija's biggest dream as a child was to become an owner of a dog. In 1967 she had her first white Giant Spitz "Chico", who left her at the age of 15. Since 1981 Vija bred Klein Spitz's, but her love is the Chow Chow. This breed was not in shown in USSR, and when she got her black male from Poland in 1988 it was the first imported Chow Chow in Latvia. At present she has a black Chow Chow bitch and black American Cocker. From 1982 till 1990 Vija was the president of Toy Breeds Club. In 1996 she was elected as the president of Latvian Cynology Federation. She has judged in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Belarus, Russia, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Slovenia and everywhere she found beautiful dogs and excellent breeders. Fluent in Latvian, Russia, English, and can understand Polish, Czech and German. She has also bred and judged cats (Persians) for over twenty years.