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, Mr Theo Kuringen,



  • FCI:

    Dachshunds, Spitz and Primitive types, Pointing Dogs, Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs

Theo was born in 1941 and had a career as a professional Officer in the Belgian Army. Since his childhood he always had dogs, but it was only in 1978 that he started with his own kennel. He first bred Labrador Retrievers (originating from well-known English bloodlines) and afterwards Miniature Dachshunds (Longhair). His kennel name was KELBYS. He had a lot of success with this breed, with several of them becoming the foundations for other breeders in Belgium. He has also bred Miniature Dachshund (Long Hair). Due to his wife's illness in the late eighties, Theo had to stop exhibiting. He became a Judge in 1986. Theo is the Vice President of the Royal Society St. Hubert, the leading cynological organization in Belgium, as well as Vice President of the Commission for the Qualification of Judges.