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, Mrs Pauline Adelaide,



  • ANKC:

    Toy, Hound, Working

Since the age of 6, when Pauline's mother bred the first litter of Shetland Sheepdogs in South Australia, she has never been without a Sheltie. As a child she was involved in breeding, whelping and exhibiting the family's dogs and commenced her own kennel in 1976. Besides exhibiting Shelties she has also handled Collies and Clumber Spaniels. In 1980, Pauline began judging with the Herding group breeds and has since become licensed to judge Toys and Hounds. She has judged these groups within Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, United States of America, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. She also judged the Stockholm FCI International Championship Show and the Hokkaido FCI international show, one of Japan's biggest shows with her husband Joey (see above). She has also judged Shetland Sheepdog Specialty Championship Shows in Australia and New Zealand. Pauline is a founding member of the Shetland Sheepdog Club of South Australia and has been awarded Life Membership of this Club as well as Colomeke All Breeds Kennels Club.