Show Dog Judges Profiles


, Ms Carol Gauteng,




Carol's interest in dogs was sparked at any early age. She acquired her first Dalmatian in 1971 - the breed she is devoted to - and has successfully bred and exhibited under her "Dallmalli" affix for over thirty years. Whilst Dalmatians remain her first breed, she has also been involved with Toy Poodles, Chinese Cresteds, Tibetan Terriers and German Wire-haired Pointers. In addition, Carol has handled a variety of breeds for other exhibitors including Dobermanns, Dachshunds and Norfolk Terriers. Carol began judging in 1974 and is an All Breeds judge. Her judging assignments have taken her around the world, including several visits to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Chile. Carol currently edits the Dog Talk section of the monthly magazine, Animaltalk, administers the points for the Animaltalk Top 100 Competition, and manages the highly prestigious annual Animaltalk SA Bred Invitational contest. Carol's other dog-related activities include running a small business, Soloshow, which specializes in the capture of entries, compilation of show catalogues and the printing of award certificates at dog shows.