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, Ms Joy Western Cape,



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Following a diverse childhood background in dogs, Joy's favour turned towards Sighthounds. Since the 70's, Afghan Hounds, then in the 90's, Salukis and Whippets proved themselves in the ring, winning top awards, including the most prestigious KUSA National Dog in 1998 with a homebred Saluki. Joy has been judging since the mid 90's and is now an All-breeds Judge and a qualified Junior Showmanship Judge. She is heavily involved in Judges' Education, and serves on the National Judges Education Committee, largely instrumental in developing and implementing a new breed judges learning programme. She is Chairman of an All-breeds club and serves on the committee of a Hound Specialist club. Joy is also heavily involved in administration of dog affairs and serves as Councillor on the Western Cape Provincial Council. Joy designs and maintains the Showdogs website - a magazine site for the dog show fraternity in South Africa - and administers various rating systems.

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