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, Ms Carla Alcabideche,


  • FCI:

    All Breeds

A Breeder of German Shepherds since 1963, Afghans & Salukis (1967), Miniature Dachshunds (1978), Whippets & Pointers (1983) and Portuguese Water Dogs (1983). Carla has produced over 100 champions in several breeds, including German Shepherds, Pointers, Whippets, Afghans and Mini Dachshunds. A lifetime dedicated to purebred dogs, Mrs. Molinari has held several prestigious positions since 1968: President of the Clube Portugues de Canicultura since 1991, Member of the General Committee of the FCI (1987-1999), Treasurer of the FCI (1985-1999). As a breeder she has mostly bred Afghan Hounds, Salukis, Whippets and Portuguese Water Dogs. An "All Round" judge since 1983, recognized by AKC, UK, CKC, and ANKC of Australia. Has judged in all countries of Europe, North America, Russia, Australia, Zimbabwe, the FCI Asia Show in Tokyo, Indonesia, Taiwan, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Israel, Morocco, Uruguay, Peru, Panama, South Africa, Colombia, Salvador, Chile and Costa Rica. She has judged twice at Cruft's Dog Show and at many World Dog Shows over the past decade. She has also been approved by the AKC, and CKC to judge Best in Show. Judged BIS at Melbourne Royal 2006, and has judged Sydney Royal. Fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian.