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, Mrs Susette Western Australia,


  • ANKC:

    All Breeds

Susette's involvement with dog showing began in the 1950's, with a British Bulldog, an English Setter, the first Afghan Hounds in Western Australia, and Pekingese, which she also bred. In the late 1960's, early '70's, she bred and showed Samoyeds. In 1970 she introduced Schipperkes to the Western Australian show scene and also bred them. She then moved to Pointers and showed very sparingly. On rare occasions she has shown Dobermann, Afghans and Pekingese for friends. Her present dog, a Pointer is aged and not shown. Over the years Susette has had contact with many breeds in all groups and finds much pleasure in judging all breeds of dogs. There is a continuous learning process in judging dogs and it is challenging to judge in different countries and adjust to different standards. Susette finds she is especially attracted to the rarer breeds and wants to learn about them. Her judging career began with Hounds and Working Dogs and after much studying and toil she achieved All Breeds status in late 1978. She then served on the Trainee Judges Panel for several years. Since attaining her All Breeds license, Susette has been fortunate enough to be invited to judge in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, the Philippines and all Australian States. On behalf of the Canine Association of Western Australia she was a Governing Council member for six years and is still a member of the Breed Standards Committee. She is a Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog breed assessor and has been Convener for both Foxhound and Kangal breed evaluation panels for many years. Having been a Club Secretary, Treasurer and committee member she understands the complexity of running dog shows and appreciates the work involved.