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, Mrs Yolanda Ra'anana,



  • FCI:

    All Breeds

Yolanda is a high school teacher for special education. She also has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, Image councilor and also a degree in Interior Designing and Decoration. Her passion for dogs started when she was a child, and she attended many dog shows as a young girl. When she finished her studies and had more time, she started being more involved in the dog world. Her interest for dogs kept growing and became active in the dog scene of Israel some 20 years ago. Yolanda became president of the Israeli Toy Club 15 years ago which she still is. Ever since Yolanda is involved in organizing the Toy Club's shows in Israel, as well as the special Toy breeds events on International Shows and all seminars concerning Toy breeds in Israel. Yolanda is an active member in the management of the Judges committee in Israel. She is also in charge of controlling all Toy breed litters and signing their registration. Since the mid 80's, Yolanda became a licensed FCI judge. She started her judging career as a Yorkshire Terrier breed specialist, and finally became All Breeds. Yolanda competes in many countries and she produced many Yorkshire Terriers and Shih Tzu International Champions. She has a full gallery of Israeli & International Champions and breeds under the affix Ceasar. During her free time she travels a lot to Europe and U.S.A and visits many dog shows. Fluent in English.