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, Miss Kirsi Saarentaus,



  • FCI:

    Scenthounds and Related Breeds, Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs

Fluent in English, Russian, Swedish, and Finnish, Kirsi has been judging Retrievers for nearly twenty years. She can judge all Retriever breeds, and also Nordic and Russian Hound breeds, Beagles, Dalmatians, several Spaniels and Norwich and Norfolk terriers. She has judged Retrievers in England, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia and The Netherlands. Kennel Heilurihännän is owned by Kirsi and her father Asko Nieminen. The family has always had dogs. Because her father and grandfather were very keen on hunting hares, ducks and grouse, they first had Finnish Hounds and Finnish Spitz. Kirsi's first dog was a Finnish hound. She got her first Flat-coated Retriever in 1976, and they started breeding Flat-coats at the beginning of 80's. Their affix is Heilurihännän, which means "tailwaggers". At the beginning of 90's they imported from UK two Norfolk terriers and they started to breed them, too.