Show Dog Judges Profiles


, Mr John C Frederick Ontario,


Fred Peddie has been involved in purebred dogs for over 40 years. Having started his dog career with Chows, the most famous being Ch. Mi-Tu's Han Su Shang, a Westminster Group winner, and Canada's top dog for 1975, he more recently has been involved with French Bulldogs having numerous World Champions. As an entrepreneur and former head of the Canadian Fashion Industry, the love of dogs has been paramount to this judge. He has judged dog shows since 1976 in Australia, Austria, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Holland, Germany, South Africa, Venezuela, France, Finland, the United States and Canada. An aficionado of French Bulldogs which he currently breeds and shows, and formerly owning top winning Chows in three countries simultaneously, his free time is taken up with charity fund raising, gourmet cooking, and interior design.